Often referred to as Premium Rated SMS - Shortcodes provide an easy and cost effective means of getting in touch with your organisation.

Rates vary from standard rated all the way to R30 - with revenue shares available on the higher price bands.

Often used for competitions, Shortcodes also provide an exceptional means of receiving communication from consumers - either with an integrated solution, or delivered instantly to your email inbox.

Please refer to our Rate Card for costs.

Standard Rated

Standard Rated Shortcodes are billed to the user at their standard SMS tariff, which is dependent on their pricing plan. This usually ranges between R0.50 and R0.86 including VAT.

Premium Rated

Premium Rated Shortcodes are billed to the user at rates between R1 and R30 incl. VAT per message sent. Revenues are split with the networks and paid out two months in arrears. Shortcodes are often used for competition entries, however the maximum price band that can be charged for a competition is R1.50.

Reverse Billed

Reverse Billed Shortcodes allow you to carry the cost associated when a user makes use of your code. Across all networks, reverse billed codes are charged to you at R0.55 per message, excl. VAT, and a holding deposit is required before activation.

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Proudly sponsored by Connect Mobile Communication