The mobile marketing industry is governed by the Wireless Application Service Providers Association (WASPA) of which Connect Mobile Communication is a full member.

Connect Mobile Communication is also a member of the Direct Marketers Association of South Africa (DMASA).

The Consumer Protection Act deals with the South African Law regarding consumer engagement and direct marketing.

All clients making use of our services are required to meet the rules and regulations defined by WASPA, the DMASA and the CPA.

To briefly summarise the various regulations:

Marketing SMS’s may not be sent outside the hours of 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday, 9am and 1pm on Saturday, or be sent on any Sunday or Public Holiday unless a user has explicitly opted in.

The cost of using a service needs to be clearly displayed alongside the call to action, unless the service is billed at standard rates.

Users need to be able to opt out of a service free of charge, however bearer rates may still apply.

Opt outs need to be honoured based on the words “STOP” “END” “CANCEL” “UNSUBSCRIBE” “QUIT.”

Please note this is not an exhaustive summary – full details can be found at the links provided below.

For the latest WASPA Code of Conduct please visit:

For a copy of the Consumer Protection Act, please visit:

For further information on the DMASA, please visit:

WASPA - Wireless Aplication Service Provides Association

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DMASA - Direct Marketing Association of South Africa

Member of the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa

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