The Internet Of Things & What It Means In A Digital Age

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term that describes the expanding machine-to-machine automated communication opportunities. It is based on cloud computing and data-gathering sensors on various networks, albeit virtual, mobile and direct connections and is believed to simplify multiple aspects of our everyday lives, [...]

New Android O features will improve SMS authentication services

Google's new Android O features will improve SMS Authentication Services.  Most applications (as mainly used for messaging) ask you to validate your contact number by entering a confirmation code. You can either enter this time-sensitive code by hand or grant the app the authorization to read your incoming SMSs so it can find and enter the code for you. This is done to confirm a user and their device’s identity being used.

Genius SMS

We have now implemented business intelligence tools into our existing online messaging platform. Our system architects have cleverly developed tools that not only reaches your target audience with smart graphics but can also re-market within the social media sphere.

Reasons Why You Should Use Bulk SMS as a Marketing Tool

Taking your marketing campaign to a mobile level is essential for the growth and development of your business. Now you can tap into the great potential of mobile marketing by using bulk SMS as a marketing tool – and it’s a very powerful marketing tool indeed.

SMS Short Codes – What are they?

SMS short codes form the actual driving force behind a mobile marketing campaign. A 5 or 6-digit code that consumers can use if they want to opt-in to an SMS campaign. The code is also used to send out coupons, vouchers and similar to those consumers who have previously opted-in to the campaign.

Looking for a Bulk SMS Provider? Choose Connect Mobile!

SMS messages are typically opened within a few minutes of being received. This can boost your advertising campaign, as most interested parties will take action immediately. We keep our prices low and our service exceptional. There are no monthly fees to worry about when making use of our service either. We merely charge you for each SMS sent.

Affordable USSD Development Services from Connect Mobile

We offer professional design and setup of USSD, and will even activate the system for you and monitor it on your behalf. With our help, your USSD content can truly be personalised and responses can be received in real time, which ensures that you never miss out on potential sales or communications with consumers.

Drive Engagement and Sales with Mobile Marketing

Connect Mobile offer mobile marketing solutions in the form of mobile-friendly websites and dedicated mobile applications. We offer high performing custom applications that are expertly engineered to maximize business.

Mobile Industry Celebrates 5 Billion Subscriber Milestone

In June 2017 a major milestone was achieved as the GSMA Intelligence ticker flipped past 5 billion unique mobile subscribers. The milestone means that two-thirds of the global population is now connected to a mobile service.